IMPORTANT: Forecast Night + First Meeting

Hope everyone enjoyed their last day of summer vacation, and is ready for school tomorrow. I know the e-board has mixed feelings about that.
A few things to announce- both are important.
First, our first forecast night is tomorrow, Thursday 8/26, from 5pm to 6pm in the Snee map room, 1134. (Location is tentative, so stay closely tuned in case we change rooms last minute (sorry y’all…)). We have one every Thursday going forward with limited exceptions for holidays and such, same place and time.
Forecast night, for those who haven’t gotten the chance to attend, is a really awesome opportunity for students to present to other students about weather-related things they feel excited about. Attendees are NOT expected to come with a presentation, though everyone who feels comfortable is encouraged¬†to. We strongly, strongly¬†encourage regular attendance from everyone, as it’s probably the best way to learn about weather, both through attending and presenting in a low-stakes environment. Seriously, come on down tomorrow and learn what it’s all about! We have some exciting presentations planned.
Second, our first club meeting is Tuesday 9/7 from 5-6pm, probably also in Snee 1134 (stay tuned, though). Attendance to this first meeting is required. Expect our meetings to be held approximately twice a month on Tuesdays from 5-6pm.
See you all soon! We’ll send out reminder emails, of course.
-CCAMS e-board