Ithacation is the biannual newsletter published by CCAMS with articles from our students. First published in the fall of 1999, Ithacation covers everything from atmospheric science-related experiences to deep dives into atmospheric phenomena, as well as fun games and illustrations. Physical copies are available at Cornell.


Fall 2020 (Volume 21, Issue 1)

  • NYC’s Forgettable 2019-20 Winter Season, by Kaiden Sookdar ’24
  • Severe Weather Safety, by Ethan Greeburg ’23
  • Gray Skies Over Ithaca, by Harrison Tran ’22
  • Coding a Simulation of Atmospheric Refraction, by Joshua Pan ’23
  • A Summer at the National Hurricane Center, by Aidan Mahoney ’22
  • Terminal Doppler Weather Radars, by Everest Litchford ’23
  • A Summer as a Lapenta Intern, by Julia Christopolous ’23