Precipitation Response to CO2-Induced Warming in Millennial-Length AOGCM Simulations Using LongRunMIP

Kinen Kao ’22

Long Run Model Intercomparison Project (LongRunMIP) is a set of millennial-length climate simulations, enabling investigations of the long-term equilibration of climate in response to external forcings. The goal of this project is to explain the impacts of anthropogenic climate change on global precipitation change on millennial time scales in these simulations.

First, we will first explore how the climate sensitivity and hydrological sensitivity changes with time over millennial time scales. Next, we will explore how the sensitivity of various radiative fluxes and heat fluxes changes with time, and how each of these fluxes affect the hydrological sensitivity. Finally, we will investigate the regional differences in precipitation and hydrological sensitivity in millennial time scales, to understand how climate change will affect precipitation and hydrological sensitivity differently for various geographic regions of the world.

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