Internship Opportunity

Good morning,
Exciting news: the National Weather Service at Binghamton, NY has posted a call for summer internship applicants!
NWS BGM covers an area extending from Syracuse to Wilkes Barre, including Ithaca. They forecast weather that has included billion-dollar river flooding, major tornado outbreaks, and 40-inch snowstorms, across varying topography that includes much of the Susquehanna, the Finger Lakes, and the northern Appalachian Plateau.
The internship is a great way to learn about the operations of the National Weather Service, conduct interesting and timely research, meet a wonderful, experienced staff, and even learn how to apply for an NWS job.
The office is close enough that it can be reached from an Ithaca apartment, and the internship is virtual for the time being anyway. It does not pay, but is aggressively part time- I was able to work two part-time jobs while I participated.
Not much experience? No problem. I applied as a freshman, when my weather resume really only included an unofficial forecast account on social media.
I really can’t recommend you apply for this internship highly enough. Have any questions about it? Email me:
Interested in learning about, and applying for, this really cool opportunity? Check out the office’s internship announcement flyer.